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It was gonna be a great day for the one and the other of us. We played billiard a little bit and had several drinks but I guess it’s not that interesting for u. Well, as pretty soon as we are at home our homemade sex tape became much more interesting with those mad scenes in which I and my girlfriend have a fun the wild anal sex and oral fucking, then I take the pink vibrating fake penis and my wicked gf experiences the strongest orgasm from the raging double penetration! Homemade sex tape..
Juliette (53 mins) Wow this hotty is amazing, tanned, cute and one hell of a great body. This Babe's going to make somebody extremely glad one day. I'd love to get to know her more good so it's a shame that I have to lie to u about who I really am. Okay I'm over it now. This was definitely one of my almost all adventurous outings due to relocation issues I had to get a bit creative with the location of the interview. Cuz of Zsotl (Lilla's boyfriend) I had to leave my office in a hurry, which means I've got no legitimate place to do a casting. So I thought this angel's a bit peculiar so what's more excellent than a admirable romantic outing in the wilderness. It was pretty scary at times 'cuz there was always the thought of being caught in the action. To her credit, this babe was a game hotty, who didn't complain one time. That Babe was despairing to get out of her bar job as that babe wasn't earning very good money. When I told her about possible opportunities in photo modelling and vids her eyes lit up. The day was ideal.... the weather the day, the cutie. I felt like anything was going my way. Solely problem were all the damn bugs flying around. One Time or twice I thought that a disgruntled farmer would come along and spoil my fun,  but thankfully it didn't happen. Her little soft voice was driving me to distraction. We fucked underneath the blazing sun, and then I exploded a hefty wedge into her jock socket... it was gloriously corrupted. Afterward in the car on the way home this babe started getting frisky so that babe sucked me off in the driver's seat. What a beauty...! Tanned Juliette is..
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Charlotte (62 mins). Charlotte came to my office looking for a way to aid her parents who needed aid financially. That Babe was a sweet angel who came from a diminutive village far away and I knew I must have her. That Babe appeared to be rather nervous and told her hobby was kickboxing. When this babe undressed her ideal eighteen year old body came into view and I just now stretched my trousers out a foot. Her love muffins were amazing, firm, robust and flicking gravity the middle finger. Those billibongs weren't going anywhere apart from in peoples faces, yet that babe didn't appear to be to realize what an awesome body that babe had.Wow. This Babe resisted at first even putting her fists up when I first touched her breasts, about to unleash a Bruce Lee gazoo kicking upon me previous to I managed to defuse the situation. In A Short Time this babe understood that if that babe wanted specie I had to have that gash. Such a pretty slit paired with a fabulous set of titties meant I was ready to go. Her oral job skills left a lot to be desired, this babe had a diminutive mouth and Jimmy was filling each square millimetre of room. When we did start fucking in doggy, at first it was like watching a silent movie porn film (the oscar winning Con Artist maybe ha-ha-ha). But this babe pretty soon warmed up to the Jimmy junior stretching her out and was pretty soon riding me like a grand national winner. I got the oil out and lubed her up aplenty and the point of view I got as I fucked her, with her amazing meatballs jiggling and sparkling n the daylight and her constricted wet crack clamped around my shaft like the clutch of a Titan, was too much for me. I even got to pop in her mouth which is a precious treat. However I don't think a career in porn is for her unless this babe can relax more, this babe may be an awesome kick boxer tho so there are other career paths ahead of her. Not that I can aid with either one... Sweet Charlotte is..
Klara (37 mins) Klara is a smoking hawt Russain golden-haired who is skilled at pleasing chaps, That Babe is the consummate candidate for the casting couch. Orginally I met two of 'em when I was out and they told that they the one and the other would turn up for the interview, but I'm glad out of the two of 'em that Klara came 'cuz this babe was the hawt one. This Babe was very positive and cheerful gal who was intellegant and knew what this babe wants. Unfortunately, this babe did not like her job as a secretary  saying that it was boring with not much money... I wasn't surprised when that babe told that that babe had a boyfriend back in St Petersburg, poor guy. If solely this guy knew what his girlfriend was getting up to in my office. But unfathomable down this chab must know that a cutie has needs and I could sense that that babe was in need of a good orgasm. I felt like the interview was going very well so I stepped it up a notch. We started doing photos and one thing led to one more, after this babe'd played with herself for a during the time that I presented her with my bendy member and the rest is history. This Babe gobbled it up and then I shagged her senseless, I even managed to get her to do anal and then spunked over her beautiful slit... Thank goodness for Russina gals! Sweet Klara..
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Nikki (thirty mins) Nikki is an amazing breasty golden-haired with curves in all the right places. I met a her in a aqua park on the weekend. This Babe looked so attractive in her bikini that I just had to go over and chat to  her... After we had discussed the niceties we went on a small in number rides and had some fun... I kept complementing 'em on how amazing this babe looked in their bikini, saying that they should be swim wear models. It turns out that Nikki was really interested in doing smth in the modelling field. So I told her it was her fortunate day and I have my own agency and that this babe should drop by my office to discuss work opportunities... I gave her my business card and went on my way.... When that babe came to my office next week I could sense that babe was a bit horny so I went into fake agent mode. It didn't take me lengthy to convince this one it was nearly as if that babe was here for a good servicing, and that's exactly what this babe got.. I made a sexy photo discharge with her and this babe looked great. I couldn't await to stick my tongue down her mouth and start force necking... I lay her down on the sofa and went down on her, that babe tasted like chlorine and mint, I kept thinking what an interesting combination.... After we fucked for a good during the time that I bolted over her glorious butt... Nikki u're a beautiful woman and a great sex partner, keep up the good work. Sexy blonde Nikki..
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