Down in the mouth Woman gets Fucked Hard and Takes a Facial

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Down in the mouth Woman gets Fucked Hard and Takes a Facial Down in the mouth..
Angela and Anne (75 mins) From Romania with love. This two hotty epic is to celebrate the start of February. With a massive length of 75mins it's the longest casting made to date. Yep, sometimes I don't know how I have the stamina. Mind u it not quite came to an abrupt end on a pair of occasions, especially when Angela was getting a bit coarse with my ball sack. I told her it was a bit sensitive but that appeared to be to make her go for it even more, and when Anne joined in, ooof, it was like having two velociraptors chomping on my meat and veg. Fair play though those cuties were desirous to please by any means possible. They were quite the double action, and from time to time they would whisper smutty things to each other in Romanian. I still to this day don't know what they were talking about but they appeared to be to be enjoying themselves so who gives a shit. They did get slightly annoying at times coz of their giggling, but it didn't stop me from having my wicked way with 'em. Too, they had the almost all glorious natural mangos that I just wanted to bury my head in and hibernate for the rest of the winter. Angela didn't want to go all the way despite my attempts to get my dick up her. Anne on the other hand was up for a good fucking. By the end I just wanted to spunk all over their faces until my ball bags were completely drained of juice. However, they really didn't have a clue when it came time to do the jizz flow. Obviously a good facial is worth it's weight in gold, and those angels appeared to be to be afraid to get spunk on their hair. Let's say I was frustrated by the cuties reaction to my ball juice. But hey I can't complain it was a great session which will definitely take me a good 48 hours to recover from.... Angela and Anne..
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Enza (55 mins)  When the voluptuous Enza came into my office I thought all my prayers had been answered at one time. That Babe was a assured sexy brunette hair who was despairing for anybody to satisfy her ever growing needs. All the way throughout the interview process I was imagining what type of curves this babe was concealing beneath that vigour suit of hers. I'm pretty good when it comes to projecting mental images of angels underneath their clothing, I do it all the time when I'm out shopping. I was surprised that that babe wanted to work in the adult industry coz that babe was so elegant. Turns out that that babe wasn't getting sufficiently sex at home, and her spouse was neglecting her sexuality which was making her  increasingly frustrated. The woman was in hopeless need of attention, and I was the guy to give it her. Personally I can't understand her spouse, if I had a wife like Enza I be tapping that wazoo everyday.... What a waste. It will be funny when that guy goes for a cheeky wank on the internet to find his wife getting fucked my yours truly. When that babe stripped down in nature's garb that babe left her little boots on which give me an instant hard on. This angel was driving me eager, I could tell this babe could go for hours. Even after I'd spunked this babe continued to play with herself, and I watched as this babe spasmed with delight. Enza (55 mins)..
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This let off was created as the sun was going down and it cast a wonderful warm yellow glow over the entire room. As many of u know, Aimee is an absolutely stunning golden-haired with a smokin sexy body, and an appetite for semen.  Aimee shows off her sleek curves and oral skills during the time that my hard 10-Pounder is unfathomable in her mouth. After a lot of engulfing and fucking, Aimee takes a actually large load of cum into her face gap and down her face hole. This let off was..
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Michelle (40 mins) Michelle was staring at me with her icy kewl eyes, which was making me wonder what kind of filthy thoughts that babe was thinking inside her mind. This Babe worried me a bit coz that babe doesn't speak a word of English but each inch of her was oozing sex appeal. I wanted to cradle her spirit in my ball sack and nurture it into an orgasmic eruption of unprecedented joy, that' the kind of thoughts this babe was emanating from her calm sexy exterior. One Time afresh I reaped the benefits of my angel Lisa's fake agent skills. That Babe's has proved to be a wonderful asset to the team. Her technique is sound, but her, this babe learnt from the most excellent haha. After Lisa had gotten what this babe wanted out of the situaion it was my turn to have a piece of booty, and I came along just in time... Lisa had just orgasmed all over the sofa as I casually strolled in and picked up where that babe left off. I could smell the sex in the air as I came in then proceeded to casually start giving a kiss this sexy gal all over her body.....  We fucked for a whilst and then I jizzed all over her taut booty... I could get use to this... Lisa keep setting 'em up and I'll knock 'em back... Now that's fucking team work!!! Michelle (40 mins)..
Leyla (42 mins) This cute legal age teenager is a sexy bit of gazoo, who was absolutely worth risking a cheeky fuck behind her boyfriends back. It's not smth which I'm particularly proud, but hey I'm not going to lose any sleep over it. When I opened the door and saw the rugged face of a stud I thought, here we go, lastly somebody had found me. Some disgruntled boyfriend is here to beat me up. Luckily, it turned out to be Leyla's jealous boyfriend, who found the situation suspicious. This Guy didn't appear to be to pleased about leaving her with me (I'm not surprised). Somehow I managed to get the guy to leave, and one time this chab did it was on! Free get on with my business of getting my wang inside her constricted little bawdy cleft. It turned out that Leyla was pleased to get rid of him. I knew it would have to be a quick session cuz it was solely a matter of time previous to Zsolt (her boyfriend) started getting suspicious about what we were getting up to. It didn't take lengthy in advance of this babe was moistening my ramrod with her tongue, and pandering my balls with her chin. I laid her down on my desk and started drilling with all my mite. It was a great session, and I'd nearly forgotten about her boyfriend until the end when the doorbell rang. That Guy was not pleased, whisking Leyla away. As it happens, this babe told him after we'd fucked. This Guy's been hanging around my office lately no doubt intending to take a swipe at me. Time to relocate I think, last thing I need is a insane jealous boyfriend on my back. Leyla (42 mins)..

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