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Ivett (43 mins) When I first saw Ivett I thought that this babe looked a bit of a handful, and not anybody that I wanted to mess around with. That Babe looked like this babe was part of a biker group, or smth, wearing that leather jacket made her slightly intimidating. After talking to her for a scarcely any minutes I realized that that babe was a real sweet heart and I wanted to explore what this babe had underneath all that leather and ripped jeans. Just as I was getting her out of her clothing Klaudia knocked on the door, this babe's some other cutie who'd I'd organised to watch later on, but this babe turned up early. I told her to await tin the kitchen but this babe was interested in what we were getting up to and decided to watch. Ivett and I had a great session and I ended up spunking over her cute face... I didn't have much time to prepare myself for Klaudia so had to recharge my balls quickly. I can think of a scarcely any worse problems to have, haha! Ivett (43 mins)..
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Angela and Anne (75 mins) From Romania with love. This two hotty epic is to celebrate the start of February. With a massive length of 75mins it's the longest casting made to date. Yep, sometimes I don't know how I have the stamina. Mind u it not quite came to an abrupt end on a pair of occasions, especially when Angela was getting a bit coarse with my ball sack. I told her it was a bit sensitive but that appeared to be to make her go for it even more, and when Anne joined in, ooof, it was like having two velociraptors chomping on my meat and veg. Fair play though those cuties were desirous to please by any means possible. They were quite the double action, and from time to time they would whisper smutty things to each other in Romanian. I still to this day don't know what they were talking about but they appeared to be to be enjoying themselves so who gives a shit. They did get slightly annoying at times coz of their giggling, but it didn't stop me from having my wicked way with 'em. Too, they had the almost all glorious natural mangos that I just wanted to bury my head in and hibernate for the rest of the winter. Angela didn't want to go all the way despite my attempts to get my dick up her. Anne on the other hand was up for a good fucking. By the end I just wanted to spunk all over their faces until my ball bags were completely drained of juice. However, they really didn't have a clue when it came time to do the jizz flow. Obviously a good facial is worth it's weight in gold, and those angels appeared to be to be afraid to get spunk on their hair. Let's say I was frustrated by the cuties reaction to my ball juice. But hey I can't complain it was a great session which will definitely take me a good 48 hours to recover from.... Angela and Anne..
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I love this cutie. This Babe made it all so easy for me. I still can't make no doubt of that that babe thought I was a real ticket inspector.  I knew that babe did not buy a ticket as I saw her walk straight onto the tram.  So I approached her and told her I was a ticket inspector and demanded to watch her ticket.  When I told her it was a fifty 000 Crown fine for not having a ticket, this babe would do anything (with a little persuasion) to not pay that fine!. I love this cutie...
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